Out on February 17th, 2017



WICHSWUT is the love cruise in the middle of the night in a car with no brakes and the lights turned off.

The Berlin quartet was formed in 2012 by notorious nighttime bandits Eddie Chebbi on vocals and synthesizers, Lucian Busse on bass, Sascha Niemann on guitar and Lars Deutrich on drums. Their sound is the stark consequence of too many dark nights out in the dives and holes of a city that never sleeps, where anger and joy are too close for comfort and the music is always too loud. Broken synthesizers, cryptic voices, scratched-up guitars, voodoo drums and bass lines straight from the crematorium.

The band’s self-titled debut EP was recorded at their Kreuzberg bunker and fuses post punk with krautrock and psychedelic elements. It sounds dark, moody and aggressive, just like winter in Berlin.


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